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My definition of a purpose-driven leader is “someone aiming for alignment at all levels, integrating the personal and professional, transcending self-interest and making conscious use of intuitive intelligence.” 

In other words: do you look beyond traditional power dynamics, and desire to do “the right thing” every step along the way?


Why mentorship?

You go much faster and further when you do your strategic thinking together, instead of alone. Because clarity is everything. You need a trusted counselor who understands you and your challenges inside-out. Because the clearer you can picture your reality and the available options in your mind’s eye, the more aligned and authentic your impactful will be.

With my INFJ personality, I’m a natural born counselor to inspiring leaders who are here to make a true positive impact. And, being an experienced pioneer and purpose-driven entrepreneur myself, I don’t just advise, but speak from real-world personal experience.

So let me in on your goals and challenges. Read on to see how I work and what topics I can support with, and when you feel called to connect, contact me for an introductory chat.

What support are you looking for?

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