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What is purpose-driven leadership?

My definition is “an integrated style of leadership, aiming for alignment at all levels, integrating the personal and professional, transcending self-interest and making conscious use of intuitive intelligence.” 

In other words: a purpose-driven leader looks beyond traditional power dynamics and command-and-control structures, integrates the deeper intelligence of the heart and body and continuously aims to do “the right thing” for all parties involved.


Why mentorship?

You go much faster when you do your strategic thinking together, instead of alone. To see outside-the-box, solve challenges faster, and discover new opportunities. Because as a leader, you continuously make important choices; big and small, day-in-day-out, and all you really have is your own, limited, perspective.

I love being a wingman to inspiring leaders who can use an experienced and knowledgeable person by their side. I offer my expertise for personalized guidance or to achieve a particular goal. I share my own experiences and insights, provide feedback and encouragement, and help you overcome challenges and obstacles.

See me as a trusted counselor: helping you see clearer, find your path and feel confident about your next steps. I share what I learned in 14+ years of personal development and 1000+ meaningful strategic conversations with other purpose-driven leaders like yourself.  

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