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Why every growing business needs to get organized

I believe in working smarter, not harder.

As a founder, business leader, CEO, you want to work on your business, not in it.

The problem is that 95% of business teams get so absorbed by the day-to-day content of the work, they forget to focus on the process of how to be most effective.

Resulting in a painful, draining “hamster wheel” for you as the leader:

You spend virtually all of your time answering questions, putting out fires, explaining how things work. Stuck in unproductive meetings, fixing mistakes, miscommunications, missing deadlines, interpersonal tensions, information overload, worries and concerns, and continuous stress.

Now ask yourself this:

“If I unexpectedly drop out tomorrow, can the organization still function, or will it immediately collapse?”


How to delegate successfully

To get rid of these issues and transform your business into a well-oiled machine, you need a management operating system. When KPMG studied 30 business which managed to successfully scale, they found that expanding internal organization is a key feature in managing high-growth. The importance of formalizing internal structures as early as possible not only helps prevent leadership crises and mitigate various “growing pains”; it even drives the organization’s future growth.

In more practical terms, you need to consciously design and nurture the right organizational habits. Switching from reactive to proactive. Having clear goals, solid procedures and documentation, efficient meetings, and the right metrics in place. So that all team members knows exactly what to do, when, how and why – without needing any direct support from you, the founder.

What this “next level” looks like:

A healthy business which operates without your direct involvement. Overview, focus, peace of mind. Boss over your own agenda. Time for strategic matters, but also time for your family, hobbies, and personal development.

And most importantly: a happy, empowered, productive team where A-players thrive, and every day is a collective effort focused on achieving and exceeding the organization’s strategic objectives.

Why leaders choose me

Real leadership experience

I’m not just a coach, but an active entrepreneur with 16+ years leadership experience (incl. corporate manager and scale-up COO).

Still on a mission with Gaianet, a non-profit purpose-driven living lab, experimenting with self-organization and full delegation of authority.

Tailored approach

Together we implement customized management structures in your organization.

No special software is needed. You keep using your preferred tools and software, while together we put the right meetings, documentation, dashboards, and goal-setting strategies in place.



Wealth of knowledge

16+ years of continuous personal development.

I read 1000+ books and invested heavily in seminars about management, leadership, marketing, sales, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and more.

I’m licensed in MBTI personality profiling, NLP, and Six Sigma, and wrote a book on time management.

Full focus

Together we make the plan. I bring the tools. You and your key people speak. I type.

You make this a priority and share openly.

Together, we achieve more in a few days than most businesses in months (or years even).


I organize differently, because I understand how humans work.

Individual and collective peak performance is the goal. Universal principles for health, mindset, personality, and time management are all integrated in the solutions I offer.


I like to make things simple. So that everybody understands what to do when, why and how.

Expect practical methods based on common sense. Powerful tools, systems and techniques made available to small businesses.



All team members understand who does what, when, how and why.



All team members know their objectives and get what they need to achieve them.



All team members are aware of the objectives, progress and required next steps.

The process

  1. Organization analysis (core processes, tasks and meetings, workload, data, energy leaks, strategic objectives, quick wins)
  2. Roadmap (implementation plan and required resources)
  3. Document and delegate (recurring meeting structure, process maps and operational handbook, roles and accountabilities, work agreements, strategy & goal-setting, dashboard design)
  4. Manage and monitor (KPI monitoring, practice meeting facilitation, problem-solving, quality checks, project list)
  5. Continuous improvement (kaizen)


Step 1 and 2 are usually completed within one focused workday.

Step 3 takes several full workdays, either in one go or spread over a few weeks, involving the leader and key (or all) team members.

Step 4 typically requires 6 to 9 months of me supporting a few hours per week in operating the system.

Step 5 is the effortless result of a well-oiled machine doing its magic.

    Your ROI

    My involvement is not cheap, but the investment pays for itself.

    Consider for example…

    • How many hours you will save. What’s the value of one hour of your time?
    • How many extra sales can be made with a well-oiled machine?
    • What’s the value of peace of mind, and sleeping calmly at night?
    • What’s the value of A-players loving to work for you, instead of being stressed out, or micromanaged, ready to leave you?
    • What’s the value in consistently delighting your clients?


    When we start we will agree on clear objectives, so we focus our attention on what is most important to you and the business.

    If you and your team make this a priority, we will truly transform your organization. Your decision to get organized will mark the beginning of a new chapter: more free time, an engaged team, happy clients, consistent growth.

    With the right systems you can have it all.


    In terms of payment, I offer multiple options, so you can choose the solution that best fits your unique situation.

    But the first step is to meet and have a conversation.

    The time to get organized is now. Book that free intake conversation!


    Niet gebruiken
    In which language(s) do you work?

    Either Dutch or English, whichever fits your organization best.

    Do you work with the founder or the COO?

    It depends. My first contact is with the founder or CEO.

    Then, other roles may get involved too, depending on how the work is organized and who will be running the day-to-day operations.

    What's next? When the management structures are in place, how do I really go the extra mile?

    If you really want to go the extra mile, become a top employer and shape the ultimate high-performance team, here’s your menu of further optimizations:

    • A solid recruitment strategy (very important!) and onboarding process for new employees
    • Skills matrix
    • FMEA proactive risk analysis and mitigation
    • Value stream mapping and systematic opportunity identification
    • Project management optimization
    • Implement people context meetings: recurring feedback / mirroring sessions, celebration rituals, resonance meetings
    • Personality mapping: strengths and weaknesses of all team members
    • Personalized GTD optimization for each team member (personal operating system, to-do list optimization, personal prioritization practices)
    • Personal manifestos to understand each other’s unique talents, needs and personalities
    Does your process work for virtual teams too?

    Yes, whether your team works in the office or online, or a mix of both, it works. Because the process focuses on the processes of collaboration, information exchange, feedback, etc. it works for every specific work context.

    Niet gebruiken
    Do we work together online or in-person?

    The process is designed for optimal flexibility, hence all can be done online.

    If and when there’s a chance to meet in person, or organize a session physically in the office, that’s usually a great idea – but not a must.

    When does the program start?

    Anytime in the year. Just book a strategy session when you feel the need to get organized, and we will find the right timing for you.

    Which technology or tooling do I need to have in place?

    The operational excellence tools and best practices we will implement I are not techology-dependend. They are analytical tools; ways to make important information visible comprehensible.

    They can be applied on all kinds of platforms and technologies, so you can continue working with whichever tools you currently have in use.

    Isn't Gaianet your number 1 focus?

    Yes, Gaianet is my ultimate mission, my organizational masterpiece. My gift to the world, serving humanity and the planet.

    But it is a not-for-profit foundation, a purpose-driven organization which is not yet generating stable income.

    Hence I’m working part-time on Gaianet voluntary, and part-time as a paid management consultant for successful start-ups.