When I was a young child, laying in bed at night with my teddy, and was often thinking about the life that awaited me. What would it be like? What will I become? Where will I be?

A mystery. An adventure. I had no idea what to expect. I was just a child, somewhere in a bedroom in a home in a street in a village in a tiny country called the Netherlands. I had no idea what would await me. But I did promise myself one thing: I want to live my most beautiful, fulfilling, exciting, impactful life.

I grew up deep “inside the matrix”, with a fixed mindset. I was a certain amount of intelligent, sporty, good-looking, and so my life would play out in accordance to that. But everything changed when I first discovered personal development. When I got my hands on the works of Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, and many others, I realized I can do and become anything I desire. Life is my playground. Whatever challenge comes my way, I’ll find the expert’s answer, do it, and become stronger and wiser in the process.

Since then, my life and work have been a daily journey of learning optimizing, fine-tuning and aligning. The experiences that emerged have been beyond my wildest dreams. And what’s even better: something tells me the best is yet to come.



The game I’m playing with myself, this life, is to live in flow and leave a positive trace. I organized my entire life, so that I can be present in the Now, listen to my heart and to my intuition, and create meaingful impact through my actions. This game has set me off on an adventure starting in corporate life, to start-up life, to being a freelancer, entrepreneur, and community and network builder.

People call me “the efficiency guy”, “mister positive”, or “the machine”, because I make a sport out of optimizing the amount of thing I can get done, without stress or forced effort. That’s the game I’m playing with myself: how can my actions create maximum ripples of positivity into the world? How can I experience optimal flow, so that I realize maximum output with minimum effort?

This inspired me to:

  • Master self-management
  • Practice social dynamics
  • Study leadership and teams
  • Study personality typing

Every moment of every day I spend purposefully: consciously choosing to invest my energy for optimal impact in my projects, relationships, health and personal growth.

I setup my surroundings for positive programming. Play music which imprints positive emotions and empowering beliefs.

People know me for my lists, because I continuously use my “external memory” system to write down what I need to remember, so that I implement as many valuable ideas as possible.

I study my own personal strengths and weaknesses meticulously, and also help others understand their unique personality traits, the design of this body-and mind system (meat jacket) which our souls get to exprerience this lifetime in.



My mission is to develop Gaianet, the “ultimate purpose-driven organization” where professionals find their ikigai and contribute to a regenerative society, co-creating a positive, harmonious, future for humanity on Earth.

Gaianet is where all the lessons I learned about success, happiness, productivity and purpose come to expression in one network organization. “Love in action” is our mantra, we practice self-organization, which means there are no bosses; everybody is in service of purpose. We practice with conscious meeting formats and heart-centered collaboration techniques, so that we can work in full autonomy, yet deep alignment – and thereby accomplishing more than any team we’ve ever been part of.

Gaianet feels like my ultimate piece of art, my Mona Lisa to the world. This network can grow out to become one of the most elegant, abundant, creative, impactful organizations I’ve witnessed in the world. The nourishing, inspiring, fulfilling organization I wish existed when I entered the job market. We’re only a few years underway and still have a long way to go, but I’m proud to say that Gaianet has helped transform many lives already. 



I learned that meaningful conversations are my greatest gift. Because of my INFJ personality type, I am a natural born counselor. And I love it. I love to listen to your stories, recognize patterns, see your potential and help you see more clearly. Always in a confidential setting, people tell me what’s on their minds and feel free to be their authentic selves around me. My friends, colleagues and clients call me when they need a listening ear, a mind-opening question, or a subtle suggestion.

Purpose-driven leaders tell me their deepest secrets and challenges, their most pressing questions. Set their minds straight, ask for input, zoom in on it together to understand the situation better. Together we always see things more clearly, see new connections, and discover new opportunities. Basically, I trade in clarity and confidence. Helping you see next steps which make most sense.



I love to write, too. If you want to stay connected, please take a moment now to register for The Leading Edge, my community of purpose-driven leaders who want to grow their leadership skills. You will receive my weekly mentoring email with your regular dose of lightness, insight and positivity, and I will invite you for my quarterly community mastermind on Zoom, and other peer learning opportunities.

My wish with this connection is that you are a bit more effective, a bit more purposeful, a bit more influential every time you connected with my energy.