Alexander Keehnen

I grew up in a “normal” small village in the Netherlands, studied business in Rotterdam (got a master’s degree in human resource management), and immediately after I graduated, I moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

I feel that Prague is where my life really began.

It was early 2008 when I joined Accenture, a large corporation known for operational excellence and the ability to execute. And in that same period, I also discovered personal development

The combination of these two was golden. I became a rising star in the company, as I continuously studied and applied the lessons I learned from wise teachers like Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and many others

Since then, my life has been a journey of continuous learning, optimizing, fine-tuning and aligning. 



I am currently traveling around and working online. The Netherlands is my home base, and I spend significant time in Portugal, Ibiza, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico.

The game I’m playing with myself, to live my most beautiful, aligned, impactful, fulfilling life, is to live in flow and optimize for efficiency. I’ve been immersed in many worlds, starting in corporate life, to start-up life, to being a freelancer, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, and community and network builder.

People call me “the efficiency guy” because I make a sport out of optimizing the amount of thing I can get done, always without stress or forced effort. That’s the game I love to play: how can my actions create maximum ripples of positivity into the world? How can I experience optimal flow, so that I realize maximum output with minimum effort?

That’s also why I love leadership and delegating. The most efficient way to get things done, is when others do it for you! It is easier said than done, and therefore a true life art which serves every endeavor you undertake.

Every moment of every day I spend purposefully: consciously choosing to invest my energy for optimal impact in my projects, relationships, health and personal growth.

I setup my surroundings for positive programming. Play music which imprints positive emotions and empowering beliefs.

People know me for my lists, because I continuously use my “external memory” system to write down what I need to remember, so that I implement as many valuable ideas as possible.

I study my own personal strengths and weaknesses meticulously, and help others understand their unique personality traits. It’s become a beautiful obsession: analyzing the personality type and motivational drivers of virtually every human I meet.


It’s been quite a ride already, so I will stick to some highlights here:

  • Master’s degree in Business (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Obsessively practicing time management, leadership, social dynamics, psychology, and more
  • Leading a department inside a large corporation, Accenture Prague, winning several Best Leader awards, and hosting many workshops, trainings and client presentations (age 23 – 27)
  • Program manager and six sigma green belt at ING Bank in Belgium (age 27-29)
  • Time management author: “Weg met Stress op Kantoor” (age 28)
  • COO of a fast-growing Dutch start-up, setting up management & operations to facilitate growth from 25 to 95 employees spread over 5 countries (age 29-32)
  • Freelance coach and workshops, time management for professionals (32-34)
  • Management consulting and organizational support for fast-growing start-ups (34-now)
  • Running a business network and mastermind for purpose-driven entrepreneurs (34-35)
  • Co-creating Gaianet, a not-for-profit foundation to serve humanity and Earth (35-now)
  • Trained as personality profiler (discovering your drivers and MBTI type through physical tests) (37)



My mission is to facilitate the emergence of a regenerative paradigm for humanity on Earth. I envision a society built on trust, sovereignty and respect for nature – an entirely new socio-economic system which (eventually) sets us all free.

Gaianet is the network which unites New Earth contributors co-creation. Through mapping, databases, community building and (A.I. facilitated) matchmaking, New Earth project leaders are connected with the resources they need.

Gaianet is a living lab where we practice the most innovative collaboration structures. There is no pyramid structure, but circles. No bosses, but full delegation of authority to the circle members – high-quality professionals who volunteer their time for the greater mission. “Love in action” is our mantra, and it has led us to distill a next-level operating system and best practices which I happily share with all the business leaders I work with.

Gaianet is my contribution to the world, my legacy. Management consulting for successful start-ups is my career – where I earn an income by helping others succeed. 



Empathy, meaningful conversations, pattern recognition, foreseeing, and harmonizing.

With my INFJ personality preference, I am a natural born counselor. I love to listen to your stories, recognize patterns you haven’t spotted yet, see your potential and help you see more clearly. Offering a safe space, where everything you share is highly confidential, so you can freely and honestly speak your mind.

As an efficiency-obsessed organizer, I have collected a large network of “diamonds” (good-hearted, open-minded creators) and golden tools and best practices to optimize your time and energy. All of which I share openly, in service of your needs, goals, and desires.



As you may have noticed, I love writing too 😉

If you feel inspired to stay connected, take a moment now to send me a message through the contact form.

Soon, I will launch my newsletters, free mentoring emails with tips, tools and best practices to become a Top 1% Teamleader, and help your team become a Top 1% Team.

And if you’re on a mission, having a successful business model with happy clients and a proven revenue model… but need to get organized. Get in touch, so I can help you pass this hump and get over to the next phase.