Additional services



Once or twice a year I host a retreat, with a personally curated group of purpose-driven leaders.

We come together in a beautiful place to learn, relax and rejuvenate, and work, share knowledge, feedback, network and true quality time.

Send me a message through the contact form to be informed about the next edition.


MC and Keynotes

Need a keynote speaker or MC for your event?

I love to share my message, inform the audience, tell a few good stories, inspire the group, and do what I can to make your gathering a great success.

Never too serious, yet always with a fair amount of wisdom, and a strong purpose.



Do you have a surplus of time and energy, and feel called to “give back” in service of a better future for humamity, Earth and the next generations?

Join the Gaianet foundation part-time as a supporting contributor or self-organization apprentice.

Add meaning and purpose to your life by sharing your superpowers in service of a more positive future for humanity.