A selection of my creations to help purpose-driven leaders to upgrade their leadership skills.

From the podcast my ex-wife and I hosted in 2017-2018 until the Substack I launched in 2024.


Substack | Excellent Teamwork

Documenting my knowledge free for all.

Browse my library of free articles on how to get the best out of your team.

Extensive information about documenting your best practices, strategy and goal-setting, effective meetings, data collection, personality typing, and other best practices in the field of conscious collaboration.


The “Influential Executive” Podcast

Interviewing exceptional leaders.

55 episodes with in-depth conversations on specific leadership topics. Learn about strategy, marketing, communication, psychology, branding, and much more.

In the Influential Executive podcast you hear me pick the brains of leading edge thinkers like Peter Senge, David Allen, Daniel Goleman, Marshall Goldsmith and many others.


Playbook for Self-Organizing Teams

A blueprint for self-organization.

How can teams organize on fully equal basis with distributed authority and no human holding power over another?

Gaianet’s operating system / playbook) describes the working agreements and meeting structure which any team can use to increase their alignment, engagement and output.