A selection of my finest creations for purpose-driven leaders to upgrade their leadership skills.

From my first online course in 2017 until the self-organization playbook in 2022.


Course | Stress-Free Work System

Need to finally get organized?

The Stress-Free Work System helped me and hundreds other professionals stay calm and focused in the most hectic times.

A super simple system to keep overview of what’s going on, define priorities, plan your days, have peace of mind, think strategically, and get more done with greater confidence.



Course | Masterminding 101

The art of meaningful conversations.

Communicate effectively to connect your mind with the minds of others, whether it is your team, a peer group or your spouse.

This short yet dense course gives 101 practical tips to think constructively, ask better questions, lead conversations, facilitate groups and be a better conversational partner.



Playbook for Self-Organizing Teams

The sweetspot of teamwork.

How can teams organize, so that everyone experiences purpose, mastery and autonomy… and outperform any conventional team?

In the Gaianet operating system (playbook) I describe the working agreements and recurring meeting structure which any team can use to increase their alignment, engagement and output.


The “Influential Executive” Podcast

Learning from the best.

Browse the 55 episodes with in-depth conversations on specific leadership topics. Learn about strategy, marketing, communication, psychology, branding, and much more.

In the Influential Executive podcast you hear me pick the brains of leading edge thinkers like Peter Senge, David Allen, Daniel Goleman, Marshall Goldsmith and many others.