House of Regeneration

The heart-centered co-living retreat where you reconnect with your Self 

When I asked myself: “what is the most powerful environment for me to be in, so I can optimally grow and create?”

I realized that what I need is 1) a beautiful spacious place with good internet, 2) inspiring purpose-driven leaders around me, and 3) the space and freedom to follow my own flow.

In November/December 2022 my partner Julia Becker and I hosted the first edition of the House of Regeneration (see video).

Explore this page to discover more. And if you feel called to join one of the next editions, sign up for my newsletter and/or send me a message to be informed when registration opens.

Why your environment may be holding you back

You are in your own bubble, creating magic. But nobody around you understands your work or wants to be your sparring partner.

You need positivity, encouragement, upliftment, meaning and depth. But what you find around you is superficial, and often negative and limiting.

You work from home a lot, but it is really time to be among people and expand your network of purpose-driven people with powerful skills.

We become who we surround ourselves with.

If you recognize one or more of these challenges, consider joining us some time!

What to expect

The House of Regeneration co-working retreats have two simple rules:

1. You do you. Do what you want and follow your own flow.

2. We are all stewards of the space

The hosts, Julia and I, curate the participants. We make sure that everybody in the house has the mindset, attitude and emotional maturity required to facilitate a space of harmony, flow and inspiration.

And the result is magical. Everybody is free to make proposals and invitations (e.g. to give or receive a workshop, do an activity, make music, go for a walk, give feedback on a website, etc.). And everybody is free to say yes or no to these invitations.

The result is a land of 100 opportunities, where every day is different, and where everybody gets to tap into each other’s gifts. 

How it works

Step 1 is to let us know you are interested to join one of the next editions. If we don’t know each other yet, we will have several contact moments to check for resonance and make sure you resonate with the House of Regen vibe and tribe.

Then, when the next edition is coming up, we inform everybody on the list (currently over 80 amazing beings, all purpose-driven leaders) and you can register on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Julia and I book a beautiful space, and we take care of the organization and the spaceholding. The participation fee differs per edition, because the rental price may fluctuate (indication: private rooms as of €800/week).

The financial contribution includes groceries and a pickup at the station if needed. We organize filled kitchen cabinets, so that we can all prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner as we like.

Note that there is no fixed program. Every day is free for flow. Typically we meet in the mornings for exercise, breathwork and meditation (optional). And in the evenings we have a shared community dinner all together. This is also when we do a check-in round to see how everybody is doing and which desires and invitations are alive. And then… we each continue our flow <3

I have this feeling we will continue to meet each other throughout the years. Real friendship doesn’t happen in a few days, but I feel you two created a space with very powerful potential for lifelong connections.

Amanda Vargas

Council Member, CoCreate Earth Foundation

Not many words needed. If you feel the call, don’t miss the chance to follow it, and join our wonderful space here.

The energy is amazing, and it opens up and supports so many internal processes, if you let it happen. Day by day, I’m finding little treasures, little gifts, almost around every corner.

Christian Ruhl

Former Consultant Exploring the Self

My experience in the House of Regeneration was a very beautiful one. The space was beautiful and very spacious. Everybody could do what they wanted, I felt very welcome. It really felt like a home. And there has been a very interesting follow up. I only stayed a few days, but in that time I met somebody who will help me find a co-founder for my new initiative.

It was very beautiful. We learned so many things, we shared a lot with each other. We had lots of laughter, a bit of spirituality, some yoga, working together. I can recommend it to everybody.

Aliki Ko

Founder, 4WarriorElements