MC and Keynotes

Invite clarity, connection, fun (and a little bit of wisdom) to your event

From a short keynote to co-hosting a multiple-day event: if I’m feeling it, find purpose and have time, I’m in.

My style is direct, clear and when the vibe is right: with a good dose of humor. I love to weave in deep wisdom with everyday practicalities. I love to tell stories and explain concepts. Usually with a light touch. Not taking things too serious, yet getting serious points across.

I like to tune into how the people in the room feel, improvise and spontaneously play with what wants to emerge in the moment.

Topics I speak about

Habits of purpose-driven leaders

Personality types on the workfloor

Team dynamics

While these are my main topics, there is a wide variety of topics I can prepare speeches on.

Simply reach out, explain me your plans and together we what we can put together.

What I need

To make this a success, I need to:

– Understand the exact context and purpose of your event

– Understand my role (purpose and accountabilities)

– Understand who the audience is, so I can connect to their world

– Receive the right tools (mic, projector, etc)

– Have one organizing contact person to interact with before, during and after the event