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Get organized and empower your team(s) to consistently wow clients

Just like the rest of us, you would LOVE to delegate more.

But… how to make sure that your team is doing the job as well (or better) than you yourself?

This challenge may be more pressing than it seems.

Because if you do not get this under control,

… you will always be occupied “putting out fires”

… important clients may be leaving

… and your best team members may get fed up too

Quality service and solid operations may not be the sexiest topics out there, but they are the key fundamentals which keep organizations stress-free and thriving.

Maybe it is time to step back and design how things work?

An absolute must, especially when…

You just hired your first team member(s)

Your sales are soaring but you’re not sure if your team(s) can live up to it.

You aim to position your business as a high-quality service provider

There are three simple tools every serious organization needs.

Let me explain…

1. High-level process maps

Your organization is like a “black box” where inputs come in and outputs go out. What happens inside that black box is every time the same. Every organization needs a clear view on what these standard processes are, which inputs and outputs are required, and how each element can be optimized.

Imagine knowing exactly which transactions take place, what the bottleneck is in each process, what your capacity is, and which success factors make sure that the client is happy – or even wowed.


2. Internal handbook

The first step to delegating effectively is to externalize your knowledge on to “paper”. The internal handbook is a collection of step-by-step process descriptions which help your team execute the work in an optimized way.

A proper handbook outlines the steps in each core process, empowering your team to do the work. Add well-written templates to the handbook, and checklists for the more complex recurring tasks, and you’ll find yourself among the best organized operations in your industry.

3. Management operating system

Each organization is a collection of recurring meetings and activities. Together they make up your operating system. When your organization’s members systematically aim their attention at the right topics at the right time, with the right focus and the right tools at hand, your organization becomes a hyper-focused machine – focused on the right things at the right time.

Imagine your teams and team members working on the right things at the right time “automatically”, simply because it has been well thought-through, aiming to serve your clients in the best possible way, proactively addressing issues and challenges, always one step ahead instead of behind.

Case study

PR Goeroes is a growing PR agency in the Netherlands, with the mission to spotlight purpose-driven technology projects which shape a more beautiful world.

As the team is growing, delegating work became a challenge. How to make sure the new team members do a job as good – or even better – than the founder?

In one highly focused work day we setup the basics of a solid operation:

  • High-level process maps
  • An internal handbook
  • The management operating system


And with bi-weekly calls we ensure further adoption and integration of these tools in the PR Goeroes’ everyday organization.

The founder, Jennifer Delano, calls the project a game-changer. Because team members finally know what to do now, without her having to explain things over and over. There is a single-source-of-truth where they can find answers to their questions.

In the process of externalizing the founder’s knowledge, we discovered many more opportunities to improve service delivery, create new upsell opportunities, and wow the client on several occassions during their lifecycle.

For a more elaborate description of this project, read this blog article by PR Goeroes (written in Dutch).


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