Personality Profiling

Discover your type and flow through life and business more authentically and effortlessly

You are a soul in a body. That body is the “vehicle” through which you experience life.

But which type of vehicle are you operating?

A Porsche? A tractor? A school bus?

Each is very valuable, but… only when used in the right way, in the right environment.

Many have used questionnaires to discover their Myers-Briggs personality type (MBTI), but the issue is: the outcomes are often wrong (in >70% of cases).

The good news is…

Thanks to recent scientific findings, It is now possible to discover your true authentic type by testing the body.

This way we surpass the limitations of the mind, and discover your actual, hard-wired, cognitive preferences.

It is time to discover your true type, once-and-for-all.

So you can be more confident and authentic, collaborate better, and build more constructive relationships with your family, colleagues and business partners.

Which one is your archetype?

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An absolute game-changer, especially when…

You are about to make an important decision.

When you start a new project, sell your business, engage with a partner, buy a home, or change the course of your life in any way… better make sure your big next step is aligned with who you truly are.

You experience tensions in your relationships.

At home or in your career, when your relationships don’t flow, it costs a lot of energy. 80% of personal tensions are caused simply by natural dynamics of our types playing out. Your type’s natural way of being obstructing with the other people’s flow, and vice versa.

You are on a journey of personal development and healing.

“Know thyself” = know your natural archetype and its strengths, weaknesses, roles, and needs. Remove doubt around who you are authentically versus what is learned behavior and trauma.

Although the MBTI typology has been out there for a while, the body tests are very new.

Let me explain…

1. Recent scientific discoveries

A good friend of mine is “coach of coaches” in pro sports. He works with professional football clubs like Feyenoord, PSV and the Dutch national team, and even with Olympic medal winners.

His pro sports guru mentor and he achieve mind-blowing results, because they apply new knowledge about psychology and physiology which helps athletes evoke a flow state.

One big breakthrough is that scientist Walter Lowen discovered that your personality is the result of your motorics. So how you interact with the world is the result of how you moved as an embryo, a baby and as a young child. These movements shaped the neural pathways which later you use to process information, steer your attention, make choices, interact with the world.

The next breakthrough came with scientist Katherin Benzinger. She  mapped which brain functions are located where in the brain, and which body parts are connected to those areas.

Next, a very select group of progressive, hghly innovative top sports coaches developed a series of simple body tests (15 to 20 minutes) to discover athletes’ preferred, most natural cognitive preferences, motor skills and drivers/motivators.

When I learned about it, I realized the enormous potential for people’s personal development, and got instantly hooked. I read, study, and talk about it daily. I got my license to perform the tests, and now I am among the first in the world to bring this knowledge from the field of pro sports into the field of business and personal development.


2. How pro athletes use this knowledge

The keyword here is “flow”. Flow is the state in which peak performance is achieved. Where talent meets challenge and preparation, an an effortless experience of merging with the moment and the environment, and achievement simply flows through you.

Each person has a different doorway to flow. One’s natural drivers/motivators (which we can also retrieve through these body tests) and type preferences need to be used in order to access this state of effortless hyper awareness,

When athletes learn this knowledge about themselves (and their team mates), they:

  • Speak to themselves and each other in a way that puts them in their power place
  • Develop rituals to activate their system
  • Adjust their environment to fit their natural preferences


And the results speak for themselves. Just to name a few:

  • A pro ice skating team: all but one achieved a personal record within one week of learning this
  • An U16 pro youth football team: lost all but one halfway the season. Learned this, and won 8 out of their 9 last games
  • A football striker used to score 10-12 goals per season. He became the revelation of the year with 37 goals.


And the list goes on and on.

3. What this means for you

The same way athletes use this knowledge, you can. Because your happiness and success is the result of how you flow through the days, weeks, months, years. 

When you understand your natural expression, it becomes clear:

  • What you are naturally great at that others need you for
  • What type of work and projects you should (and should not) engage in
  • Which blind spots you need to mitigate in order to stop sabotaging yourself


When you know your type, and you (finally) receive the user manual to the beautiful yet complex body-mind system you are operating this lifetime, you know better which choices to make, which goals to set.

The result is simple: doing more of what you love and are naturally great at, and losing less time and energy fulfilling expectations of yourself or others about things you are simply not designed to be doing.

Do you see how this knowledge is a massive accelerator for everything you do?

How my sessions work

In the sessions I offer, I combine 1) the physical tests, 2) the personality reading, and 3) the application to your current goals and challenges.

First, we take 15 to 20 minutes to do the physical tests.

Then, we speak about your profile. First, I highlight the basic strengths, weaknesses, needs, fears, and stress factors. Then, we apply this knowledge on your most pressing goals and challenges – so that you understand how your type applies in real-life, and what it means for the choices you make and the actions you plan.

After the session you receive:

  • A detailed written profile description + links to relevant Youtube videos about your type
  • A “flow compass”, a 1-page summary you can always return to, to “find your North” again
  • My personal recommendations for your next steps in terms of personal development


I also recommend that you make an auidio recording of our session, so you can always listen back to it. 

What others say

Kristof, entrepreneur

“Less self judgment, knowing my strengths.”

Raissa, entrepreneur

“I understand better what motivates me.”

Nikolai, entrepreneur

“A lot of knowledge and insight how to interact best with my core team members, and how they and I are best encouraged.”

Mark, health coach

“I was intruigued by the physical tests, and for everyone in the team the profile resonated strongly. If you want to help your team perform better, give Alex a call.”

Emanuele, group facilitator

“I understand better where I stand in my power and where to channel my energies.”

Ugne, community lead

“It helped me strengthen the relationships with the people around me.”

Alexander checked my personality type and actual body feedback, and we found out it was a different type than when I gave answers with my head.

With these insights, I felt peaceful and confident to be different than I thought I must be. I now understand that I love to do more projects simultaneously, which gives me joy and energy.

Already the next day, I created a collaboration with a co-founder. To be in my power, I feel so much more energy and flow, and I can even make a more significant impact.

As an Entrepreneur type, I like to do those things! Thank you, Alexander; this is a true gift!

Aura Kuipers-Cornelissen


My passion for building inspiring culture led me in the continuous search of understanding why people do what they do and how to communicate with different personalities.

I thought I knew how to discover what drives people with a couple of well-known personality tests. Until the day that, in a matter of a few hours, Alexander boosted my own skills and knowledge by doing specific tests to understand the connections between my personality, my drives, and my own body.

It was mind-blowing and ever since I have enjoyed increasing results. Now I’m enjoying the compounding effect of real consistency with purpose!”

Juan Carlos Zuloaga Ramirez

Entrepreneur and Growth Hacker

“My personality type test with Alex has been a really great experience. He helped me understand how our personality forms and why it is important to know what your body feels comfortable doing.

The session didn’t take very long. It helped me understand myself better and learn why I do things the way I do them, or why I do them differently than other people.

Doing further reading about my personality type helped me strengthen my relationships with the people around me.

So it is great and I really recommend it!”

Ugne Rakauskaite

Conscious Community Lead

The menu:

Private 1-1 Session

  • Test your type
  • Explanation of your type + application to main goal or challenge
  • Receive your profile and recommendations
  • Total 1.5 hour

Couple Session

  • Life  or business partners
  • Test each person’s type
  • Collective explanation of your types + application to main goal or challenge
  • Receive your profiles and recommendations
  • Total 3 hours

Team Session

  • Professional team of 3 to 8 people
  • Test each person’s type
  • Collective explanation of your types + application to main goal or challenge
  • Receive your profiles and recommendations
  • Total 4 to 8 hours (depending on team size)

Note: the sessions are always in-person (because online testing is not possible).


Ready to discover your type?

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