Personality Profiling

Discover your true authentic expression

For maximum flow and impact, you need to understand the design of your body-mind system. What type of vehicle are you operating this lifetime? What is it great at, and what are its blind spots?

Having this knowledge about yourself – and your team and your partner(s) – is a massive accelerator for everything you do.

Now here is the cool thing: new science shows how to use body tests to discover your true deepest hard-wired natural preference.

Traditionally, surveys have been used for this, but unfortunately, more often than not, they’re wrong. So now, once and for all, let’s get together to discover your real, true most authentic expression:

  • Know your core strengths, needs, fears and limitations
  • Be clear on what others can and cannot expect of you
  • Feel more confident and “at home” in your body and mind 

I’ll explain a bit more about how it works, and invite you to get in touch for a personal session or a group workshop.

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How this knowledge changed my own life

From 2008 I’ve been obsessed with self knowledge and studied topics like Myers-Briggs (MBTI), DISC, Strengthfinder, Human Design, Numerology, and NLP for thousands of hours.

In 2019, a good friend – brilliant behind-the-scenes top sports coach – tested my body and discoverd my actual design is very different from what I used to believe. Not ENTJ, but INFJ, an introverted feeler!

This helped me reconnect with who I truly am, beneath all layers of programming and beliefs. A massive shift. So I got trained to perform these tests myself and since then I’m sharing this gift.

Of all personality typologies, the body-tested MBTI is the most solid, scientific and practical one.

Let me explain why…

1. The body knows

A good friend of mine is “coach of coaches” and works with professional football clubs and Olympic athletes. His guru friend, top sports scientist, discovered something which blew my mind: it turns out, science has shown, that your personality is the result of your motorics.

Indeed. The way you laid in the womb and the way you crawled as a child activated certain muscle groups and created your first neural pathways. And it is these same pathways you now use to interact with the world: process information, steer your attention and make choices.

Other scientists built on this knowledge and discovered how to test your body to discover your MBTI personality type. This is huge, because questionnaires are unreliable, while the body never lies.

Whomever I work with, I always test their type first. Because then I know who I am speaking to. An organized person or an improviser? A logic-driven person or a feeler? Somebody who is naturally shy or outgoing?

2. Personality reading

There is the day you are born, and then there is the day you receive the user manual of the amazing “machine” you live this life in.

Every piece of technology comes with a user manual, and similarly, when you know your type, you have access to a wealth of (very practical) information about your hard-wired strengths, weaknesses, needs, preferences, and even your development throughout life.

And when we apply this knowledge to your strategic questions and challenges, a whole new spectrum of insight opens up. It becomes clear what your authentic expression looks like and which path is really “you”. People tell you all kinds of things (“do more of this, be less of that”), but your body knows what comes natural for you, and which roles you are meant to play in this lifetime.

3. Integration & Application

After you discover your type and receive your user manual, it becomes an ongoing process to reflect on and understand your most natural behaviors.

First, it may take some time to get used to the idea of being somebody else than you thought you were. I, for example, used to believe I was an extravert and logic-driven. Until these tests showed I’m an introvert and feeling-driven. First I denied it, then, slowly I started to see new patterns in my behavior. Things that were so naturally to me that I used to not even be aware of them.

Second, whenever you run into a challenge, the invitation is to use your profile for practical advice. The internet, Youtube and ChatGPT are filled with content about each type. Ask about your type and your challenge, and you always discover hidden dynamics and new opportunities: whether it concerns work, relationships, health, or any other life area.

What others say

Kristof, entrepreneur

“Less self judgment, knowing my strengths.”

Raissa, entrepreneur

“I understand now how to motivate myself.”

Simone, entrepreneur

“I found clarity on my next steps.”

Ready to discover your type?

Get in touch to request a 1-1 session (including 1.5 hours of coaching to apply this knowledge on your current goals and challenges), or a half-day or full-day group workshop for your team or your community.