Using Your Talents

How to discover and use your unique personality blueprint 

Purpose-driven leadership is not only about making a significant positive impact.

It is about doing so in the most aligned way, where you express yourself in full authenticity, act in alignment with your design and access your sweet spot of effortless creation.

For over 14 years I’ve been obsessed with finding out who I am, what my purpose is and how to live my most beautiful and impactful life. Today, life and work are sweeter than I thought possible:

  • I do what I love a very high percentage of the time
  • Practically all my interactions are positive and constructive
  • I feel more confident and optimistic than ever

On this page I’ll give you 3 things to consider, so that you too can move closer to your sweet spot.

My own journey of self-knowledge

In 2008 I joined the first workshops which taught me about unique personal talents and strengths, making me aware of individual differences. I was instantly intrigued.
Since then I study mindset and personality profiling every chance I get. Studying models like Myers-Briggs (MBTI), DISC, Strengthfinder, Human Design, Numerology, and NLP.
Continuously doing inner work helps me embody what I learned. NLP, hypnosis, self-reflection, yoga, meditation, and plant medicine ceremonies each had a profound impact on me.

Of all these things, the ONE THING stuck with me most, is the MBTI personality indicator.

Let me explain why…

1. The body knows

A good friend of mine is “coach of coaches” and works with professional football clubs and Olympic athletes to help them achieve peak performance. Something he once told me changed my life. Open your mind and let this in: in turns out, science has shown, that your personality is the result of your motorics.

Indeed. The way you laid in the womb and the way you crawled as a child activated certain muscle groups, enforced certain neural pathways, and shaped which brain parts and thus cognitive functions you use naturally.

This means that it is now possible to test your body to discover your MBTI personality type. This is huge, because questionnaires are unreliable, while the body never lies.

When I work with mentoring clients, as soon as we meet in person I test their type. It takes 15 minutes of simple tests to know your type. And once we know your type, everything changes.

2. Personality reading

There is the day you are born, and then there is the day you receive the user manual of this beautiful and complex body-mind system (meat jacket) your soul gets to experience this life through.

Every piece of technology comes with a user manual, and similarly, when we know your type, you have access to a wealth of (very practical) information about your hard-wired strengths, weaknesses, needs, preferences, and even your development throughout life.

When we apply this knowledge to our mentoring conversations, a whole new spectrum of insight opens up. It becomes clear what hyour authentic expression looks like. People tell you all kinds of things (do more of this, be less of that), but your body knows what comes natural for you, and which behaviors require force.

3. Integration

After you discover your type, it can take several months, several years even, to fully integrate this understanding into your everyday choices, actions and behaviors.

I, for example, used to believe I was an extravert and logic-driven. Until these tests showed I’m an introvert and feeling-driven. First I denied it, then, slowly I started to see new patterns in my behavior. Things that were so naturally to me that I used to not even be aware of them.

The corporate environment I worked in valued logic and extraverted behavior, so that is what I displayed, and that is what others saw – and mirrored back to me. But your personality type is about what’s beneath all those layers of learned behavior and programming by your peers.

Once you understand your design and shape your work, life and business around your strengths, while covering for your blind spots and weaknesses, everything changes.

A truly successful life is an effortless life of flow and alignment. And once you understand which type of “vehicle” you are operating this life, you are able to optimize in ways beyond what you’ve ever experienced.

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