Strategic Support

Walk your path faster and smoother with an experienced partner by your side

Two always see more than one.

And every great leader has a trusted advisor by his/her side.

Although my main focus is to build Gaianet, I reserve some time each month to work personally with a select few: highly talented purpose-driven leaders with great potential, an open mind and a strong will.

Imagine having me right there by your side, every step along the way. See me as a partner who walks with you, a strategic companion on your journey. I support you with whatever comes up: strategy, operations, teambuilding, networking, your personal psychology.

Read on to see how it works, what to expect and how to qualify.

NOTE: limited availability    

What holds you back at the moment?

You are not sure which direction to take, what to focus on, and how to prevent overwhelm. How to choose which projects and priorities to focus on? How to organize yourself to stay focused?

Your team or individual team members are not performing according to your expectations. How to motivate your team, delegate work and inspire them to run smooth and high-quality projects and operations?

You need a powerful mirror, honest and direct feedback to stay aligned and on course. A strategic partner who spots new opportunities, sees what you overlook, brings in network, and helps you be the best leader you can be.

Together we will find your flow so you can move forward with focus and confidence.

Scroll down to see how we customize our collaboration.

“Alexander has helped me a lot in getting the right goals clear, so that I can see my mission more clearly!

He is a strategic advisor and guides you in the right direction. I enjoyed talking to Alexander about my mission, because he dares to believe in dreams, but at the same time knows where it is necessary to ground, to practice, to do.

And that makes him the clear voice you need. Highly recommended!”

Philippa Robin

Copywriter and Community Builder

“I had a really nice conversation with Alexander. If you are an entrepreneur looking for clarity and… not really advice, but somebody who wants to listen and feel what’s going on, this is for you.

Because I have my company now for 3.5 years and I had a lot of questions like: where to go now, should I start up my own team? Because a lot of the time I work alone and I don’t have a lot of people to talk about it.

Intuitively I felt I have to see Alex. We spoke for two hours, it was really relaxed, he asked all the right questions and we went step-by-step to the core. Now it is clear: I know the next steps and I know what to do. I feel really relieved and this is really gold. Thank you Alex, thank you, thank you!”

Simone Wiewel

Founder of All is Within

We just had an amaaaazing Zoom session with Alexander. A very good heart-to-heart connection and exchange of information and questions we could ask.

We received a lot of info about how to set up a mastermind in the Dutch culture and the do’s and dont’s.

We worked out the business idea of my partner, how to do the promotion, how to set up an introductory event, possibilities for him to connect with interested people & investigate their needs. Etc, etc.

So yes, that was really really worthwhile. Thank you again Alexander!

Petra Donkers

Transformation Expert and Psych-K Facilitator


Allow me to be your strategic partner on your journey. Together we create clarity, validate ideas, find solutions and discover new opportunities every step along the way.

0. Free Intake

  • You explain your mission, goals, challenges and desires
  • I give immediate support and insight where relevant
  • Agree on the program and the exchange

1. Strategy Session

  • Extensive kick-off session (2-3h)
  • Clarify current challenges and desires
  • Define goals and milestones
  • Define duration of our collaboration (minimum 3 to 6 months)
  • Agree exchange

2. Bi-Weekly Zoom Out Moment

  • Strategic video call once every two weeks (1.5h each)
  • We review your progress and current needs and challenges
  • I help you find clarity, and suggest solutions, network, tools, etc…
  • We define your best next steps

3. Whatsapp Connection

  • In between calls, I am available for urgent matters
  • I share relevant resources and ideas when they come up

4. Reflection and Evaluation

  • Final video call (2h)
  • Evaluat progress and value created throughout the program
  • Define your next actions and intentions

 * Positive ROI guarantee: if you apply what we agree and you do not receive or more than the value you invest, we continue until this is achieved.

** Limited availability: application process and waiting list apply.