Practical knowledge and skills for a bigger positive impact with less effort

Several times per year I spend one or more full days together with one team.

The question on the table is every time different, yet similar.

… we all want to be more effective and get more done.

… we all want to understand ourselves and each other better.

… we all want less stress and greater impact.

Read on to see which workshops I offer. Or if you’re looking for something specific, custom-made, get in touch so we co-create a highly valuable, practical, useful workshop for you and your team.

What you can expect in my workshops

Always a clear structure, purpose and desired outcome – in alignment with your goals and needs.

An informal setting with space for conversation, questions, humor and personal connection.

Practical knowledge and tools, applied directly to the unique situation of you and your team. For real-life impact. 

Although I have some standardized formats, I see every workshop as a unique co-creation.

During our intake and preparations we make sure that the content and the setup of the workshop fits you and your team’s unique situational needs.

To me, a workshop is not successful unless real-world (ideally measurable) impact is the outcome.


Team Personality Typing

First, there is the day you are born as a soul inside a body-mind system, and now there is the day you (finally!) receive that system’s user manual.

Recent scientific studies have shown that your MBTI personality type (the most scientifically solid model, stemming from Carl Jung) can be retrieved by testing your body. No more questionnaires, often leading to false outcomes. The body never lies, so now we can find out what your true natural design is, beneath all those layers of programming and projection. 

In this workshop, we use this knowledge which I learned in top sports circles to get to know who you and your team mates really are. We discover your purpose, your authentic expression by discovering your natural preferences and drivers:

  • A brief theoretical explanation of the model of cognitive preferences (introverted-extraverted, sensing-intuiting, thinking-feeling, judging-perceiving).
  • I spend 15-30 minutes with each individual, performing the tests to discover everyone’s type.
  • With simple exercises you experience how different types think, act and decide differently.
  • You walk away with your own personal “user manual” and that of your team mates.

Knowing your type benefits you for the rest of your life. I creates understanding and compassion for each other. It helps you clearly communicate your strengths, weaknesses and needs.

Know thyself. Get in touch if you’re interested to explore this. 


Stress-Free Work System

A guided implementation workshop of my proprietary Stress-Free Work System. For high performing teams, it is crucial that each individual is great at self-management. There is no time to waste on forgetting commitments and working on the wrong priorities. Every modern professional in needs a self-management system; to keep track of everything that’s going on and stay stress-free in the midst of work pressure and information overload.

In this workshop, you all bring your laptops and to-do lists so you can finally focus on getting organized.

  • First, we work to grow awareness of your internal stress responses and your nervous system regulation, so you can recognize and avoid stress instead of going along in it, making mistakes and saying things you regret later.
  • Then, we all set up our individual external memory system, so nothing is forgotten and priorities are always clear and organized.
  • We all anchor our new strategic thinking habits, to continuously prioritize and visualize with purpose and intention – making sure you spend every moment of every day doing the one single most important thing you could be doing.

And if you want to go all the way, we can add a second day where we design and implement your team’s and individual recurring activity plans. So that you systematically and proactively aim your attention at what’s most valuable in support of your purpose.

Alexander delivered a half day course on time-management and stress free working to our team of project management officers. The training was very hands on, offering the participants tangible solutions that could be easily implemented rather than an abstract methodology that mostly remains a distant idea.

All the participants were greatly satisfied with the training, exclaiming that they now had the tools in hand to improve their way of working.

Alexander was great to work with, his professionalism, dedication to the topic and enthusiasm made the training a great success.

I would greatly recommend employing Alexander for these types of training as he’s not only extremely knowledgeable on the topics, but also knows how to trigger an audience to truly bring about change.

Barbara van der Velde

Strategic Project Manager, Allen & Overy

With Alexander’s course I was able to organize my life, increase my productivity at work, increase my wellbeing and work-life balance. I exercise more, I have more time with my family, I do better at work, I contribute a lot more to my colleagues.

What’s the most important thing, and why it can be a game-changer is because Alexander took me by the hand, step-by-step, to not only show what these self-management proinciples are, but also how to implement them. And that is what I really needed.

Imagine your employees being fully prepared each morning, ready to do the single most important things to help the company grow and help themselves grow, and so so every day of the year – the benefits for the organization and the people are endless.

Simon Standaert

Project Manager, JES Academy

I was eager to take part on the stress-free program. I’ve been looking for a way to be more structured and organized, and generally be on top of the many tasks I’ve got to do at the moment.

And I have to say the stress-free system has actually exceeded my expectations.

The biggest aha moment for me is when Alexander described it as an operating system for the brain. It gives you access to all the information you have, exactly when you need it, whereas previously I was always scratching around, trying to find things, and I was never as effective.

I truly believe that with the system I am so much more productive.

Probably the best thing about the stress-free system is that Alexander holds your hand throughout the process. He really actively encourages you to engage and commit to the actions you learned and really apply the system. Because without discipline and dedication it’s not going to work.

I wish a lot more people would work with the system, because it would make them a lot easier to work with!

Gareth Young

Leadership Trainer & Facilitator, HiPo Excel